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HQ-Cam HQ-TVI8041-NHD 8 Channel HD-TVI Megapixel Security DVR (Black/White)

HQ-Cam HQ-TVI8041-NHD 8 Channel HD-TVI Megapixel Security DVR (Black/White)
HQ-Cam HQ-TVI8041-NHD 8 Channel HD-TVI Megapixel Security DVR (Black/White)
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  • Model: KIT8CHM2
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  • 8 Channel HD-TVI DVR Complete Security System, NO Hard Drive Included
  • 4 x 2.1MP 1080P TVI Bullet Cameras
  • 4 x 60Ft. Pre-Made TVI Video and Power Cables
  • 1 x Power Adapter & Splitter
  • Support Browser and Smartphone Remote View

Product Description

DVR Info: 8 CH HD TVI video input, 1080P recording Playback: 8 CH simultaneously playback; HDMI 1080P output, Backup: USB, IE, CMS; support multi-file, file cutting when backup, Pentaplex: live, record, playback, backup and remote operation, DHCP, DDNS, PPPoE Network protocol, IE browse and CMS supported, Dual stream technology; Multi-user online simultaneously, Support PTZ preset and auto cruise, up to 128 presets and 8 cruises, Cell phone: iPhone, Android, Complete SDK function, easy to integrate with other applications. Camera Info: 2.1MP 1/3 CMOS Lens, 1080P real time image, high resolution, true color, HD-TVI lossless video output, 24 IR, 49-66ft IR night view distance, IP66 protection. 1080P HDMI Output Night Vision IR Indoor/Outdoor Camera Smart Phone Viewing

Technical Details

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