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Yealink YEA-EXP39 IP Phone Expansion Module

Yealink YEA-EXP39 IP Phone Expansion Module
Yealink YEA-EXP39 IP Phone Expansion Module
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  • Yealink LCD expansion module
  • 160x320 graphic LCD with 16-level gray scales
  • 20 Physical keys each with a dual-color LED
  • 20 Additional keys through page switch
  • Supports up to 6 modules daisy-chain

Product Description

The EXP39 module features a 160×320 graphic LCD and 20 physical keys which feature dual-colour LECs to enhance the ease with which functions are set and used.  A further 20 keys are available via a page switch feature.  In addition the ability to 'daisy chain' up to six modules via RJ11 line cord yields a total capacity of up to 240 programmable keys, each supporting all of the handset's IP/PBX capabilities. These include functions such as SMS, BLF, BLA, paging, speed dialling, intercom and call transfer, park, pick up and return.

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